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Everything you need for great webinars

  • Quick and easy event management​
  • Data on attendees and perfomance​
  • Videos, polls, sharing and more to boost engagement​
  • Automatic invitations and follow-up emails​
  • Chat import after webinar
  • Pre-Recorded Webinar Setup

Perfect for Passionate Entrepreneurs who are looking to save the valuable time.

  • You are ready with your presentation but not sure how to get started with the webinar.
  • You are a busy entrepreneur and want everything to be managed professionally and perfectly.
  • You want to save a lot of time by getting help from a professional so that you can concentrate on your presentation.
  • You want to develop a technically robust webinar so that it can be presented without any interruption or technical glitches. 

Are you a passionate entrepreneur? Do you have a lot of work to do and not sure how to start your webinar? You are ready with your presentation but need a technical hand to create and handle the webinar? We have a world class solution for you.

Are you planning to deliver a webinar but not sure how to start? Our team can help you setup a wonderful and meaningful webinar. We have world class technical team and our team will professionally setup the webinar for you. We will also give you training how you can cover the webinar and will also provide you live support during your first webinar.

  • Complete Webinar Setup
  • Automated Emails Setup
  • Payment Channel Integration (Sell your product and collect the payment during the webinar)
  • Polls Configuration
  • Pre-Recorded Webinar Setup
  • Chat Support during Webinar

Completely Automated And Time Saving

We use world-class software and methods to automate your webinar. Everything will be one-time work and rest is taken care of by the automated system. Automation is extremely important in business as it saves a lot of effort and your valuable time. 

Platforms we Provide Support For

Here are the platforms we can help you with. Not sure about the platform? You can compare all the webinar platforms to check which one will be best for you. If you have yet not selected the webinar then please click the below button to check the details of all the platforms

Unable to find your preferred webinar platform in our list? Let’s schedule a 15 mins quick consultation absolutely for free to check out your requirements and if we can help you with the same. 

Select Your Plan

Select the plan as per your requirements and we will help you with your webinar.

New Webinar Setup

Complete Webinar Setup
  • Webinar Configuration
  • One On One Training before webinar
  • Live support during first webinar
  • Chat support During the first webinar
  • Training after first webinar to explain all the options
  • Tech Support Valid for 12 months

$799 $299

Complete setup and one on one training before you go live. 

Pre-Recorded Webinar

Pre-Recorded Webinar Setup
  • Setting up pre-recorded webinar on your preferred platform.
  • One on One Training before the webinar to explain all the features
  • Live support during the first webinar
  • Chat support for attendees during the first webinar
  • One on One Training after the first webinar to explain all the features
  • Tech Support Valid for 12 months

$599 $199

Complete setup of pre-recorded webinar on any of your preferred platform. Free one on one training during first webinar

Webinar Chat Support

Keep your audience engaged during the webinar. Answering the chat questions in realtime increases the conversion rate.
  • Live chat support for attendees
  • Support during the live session
  • Real time interaction with the attendees to answer their queries
  • Polls broadcast during the webinar
  • Offer distribution during the live webinar
  • Chat Transcript delivery after the webinar
  • Email reply to the pending chat questions after the webinar.

$179 $79

The above amount is valid for up to 2 hours of webinar. $25/hour per additional hour.

Why choose us as your preferred technical partner?

Latest Technology

Our aim of working on any project is to see the success of our clients. We are client obsessed and we never settle until our client is satisfied and to meet the client's requirements, we always use the latest technology, software, and tools.

Complete Training

We provide complete training to operate your webinar. We also help you to set up the pre-recorded webinar in such a way that everything will be done on autopilot.

24/7 Support

We are available round the clock for our clients. We have an amazing technical support team to help you whenever required.

Hosting Virtual Events

A virtual event plays a wonderful role if you are about to cancel a onsite event. Here are few of the advantages of hosting a virtual event.

  • Joining a webinar or large meeting is as easy as a click from your desktop or mobile app, from a browser, or even a conference room.
  • Freedom of attending the event from anywhere
  • Keep everyone’s attention with chat, polling, Q&A, reactions, annotations, and more.
  • Streamline your workflows with integrations to Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Panapto, Kaltura, LMS systems, and more. You can even take payments for live or on-demand events with PayPal
  • Go Big! As big as you want! Use Video Webinars and scale to up to 10,000 attendees in the webinar (As per your selected webinar platform and selected plan), or stream to anyone with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or your own custom streaming service.

Educating Over Webinar

Here’s how teachers, administrators, and students can successfully spin up virtual classrooms, participate in online classes, and use webinar for distance education:

  • Students Attention Tracking
  • Polling
  • Breakout Rooms for Group Discussion
  • Whiteboard to explain everything as it is in a real classroom
  • Screensharing During the webinar
  • Transcription of questions asked.
  • Record the live session and distribute it for future reference.


You need to subscribe to gotowebinar or any of your preferred webinar software. You can google the webinar software and choose the one suits best for your requirements. Once you subscribe you need to let us know the login credentials so that we can setup your account and send you the further instructions.

Your subscription includes the complete setup as per the selected plan. Adding all the automations, training to cover the webinar, we will cover the first webinar and will send you the recording of the webinar. 

Yes, you can Pre-record webinars that feel as vibrant as live events. We will setup the recorded webinar and we will also handle the chat so that it looks like a live webinar. Please checkout the below table for pricing.

Yes, you will get the complete training of the software and we will also provide you 1 year technical support to run your webinar smoothly.

Do We have Any Webinar Software Recommendation?

Yes, we recommend GoToWebinar. Find Out Why GoToWebinar is Rated One of the Best Webinar Software Platforms

0 Million
Webinars hosted every year with GoToWebinar.
0 %
Effective | Marketing leaders say webinars are the most effective tactic for generating high-quality leads. (Source: InsideSales)
0 K
Customers trust GoToWebinar, more than any other webinar platform.

Business webinar software connects you with coworkers, customers, and prospects. In other words, there’s a lot at stake. Top-ranked solutions have a proven track record and a reputation for trustworthiness and dependability.

When looking for a webinar tool, innovation is also key. If you want a long-term solution, it should continually evolve and grow with the changing demands of your business and the market.

GoToWebinar first launched in 2006, and since then, we’ve led the market. We have more customers than any other solution, and those customers host millions of webinars every year on our platform. We’ve set the industry standard for conferencing software and our customers continue to give us high ratings — with special emphasis on the audio and video quality, ease of use, and consistency of service.

The whole point of a webinar is to connect with large audiences around the world. An effective webinar tool must be able to support a large number of users without sacrificing quality. Look for a tool that provides high-quality screen and video sharing, and gives you the phone and computer audio options you need. And make sure audio is supported in the countries you need it.

GoToWebinar ranks highly in this category, with the ability to host up to 2,000 participants without a drop in audio or video quality. You can also add up to six presenters to be featured and share their webcam at a time.

There’s more to hosting a webinar than just the event itself – especially if your webinars serve to raise brand awareness and generate new leads. You’ve got to think about promotion, registration, follow-up, and conversion, not to mention how you’ll measure success.

Modern webinar software should provide support before, during, and after the event. Integration across various support and marketing tools is essential and plays heavily into platform rankings.

GoToWebinar incorporates a number of peripheral tools and support options, such as email/marketing automation, CRM integration, and custom branding.

We also give you the tools to continue driving value long after the live event is over. We offer customers their own branded video hub to easily share webinars and increase their marketing reach.

The best webinars involve the audience. And the best webinar software gives you the tools to do just that. “Best webinar software” lists look for easy-to-use conferencing tools that encourage your audience to participate in the experience.

GoToWebinar also ranks high when it comes to audience engagement capabilities. With poll and survey tools, Q&A functionality, and digital “handouts,” GoToWebinar focuses on creating a superior attendee experience. Real-time analytics also allow you to keep track of audience engagement during the webinar.

Lastly, software review sites consider whether a webinar platform allows for pre-recording of scheduled events. This gives presenters the option to record webinars in advance, but present them with interactive features as though they were live.

GoToWebinar’s Recorded Events allows for a scheduled release of a pre-recorded presentation, but also allows users to incorporate interactive features like polls and surveys. This kind of flexibility is something that helps set high-ranking platform options apart.


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